Power to the Purposeful


Purpose – is it a beacon, a halo, a raison d’être, a driving force, the primary driver of every entrepreneur, artist, leader or guide?

Yes, it is all of these and so much more. Purpose gives one’s life meaning. It gives one individuality and direction. It gives one energy, passion and game.

Why then are we not asked at a young age to define our purpose and be helped through family, community, faith and education to acknowledge purpose as the basis of one’s life. We are asked “what do we want to be when we grow up” not what is our purpose.

There are the conspirators who say purpose is dangerous. Purposeless masses are easier to control so an education system was developed to override individual purpose. Would it be frightening to have a wildly inspired group pursuing their purpose?

Not in my world.

I love those of you who have an ethical purpose and pursue it with passion, perseverance, and grit. We built Christie & Co to support you through challenges and successes, thick and thin, to accomplish your purpose knowing your spark of individuality will be catalytic. It will awaken the spectators, debunk the naysayers, inspire innovation, and create the future. You are important. Your purposes are important. Persist. Continue to color outside the lines. Laugh off the naysayers – they don’t have your courage to change things. Produce. Imagine. Keep building. That’s how the impossible becomes possible.

Power to the purposeful.



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