Farm to Shelf Marketing


As all who work and live with plants know, you plan today for tomorrow’s yield. You test the soil, study long-term weather predictions, assess the market for future needs and demands. You review this year’s success, points of profitability, and plan wisely for next year’s growth.

So it is with business. As 2017 draws to a close, it is time to act like wise farmers. Paralleling this year’s challenging floods and storms across our farmlands, the CPG world saw dramatic changes in sales and distribution channels with brick melting into click, and consumers rapidly shifting how they want to connect – from personalized meals delivered to their kitchens to texting for beverage deliveries and subscription models for just about everything.

Now is the time for you to access your own crop advisor who can help assess 2017, research accurately the consumer needs and preferences for 2018, and integrate them into your growth plan to build for a successful year.

Christie & Co’s unique and effective Conversion Market Research and Strategic Planning methodology will help make 2018 a year of bumper crops for your company. We harvest precise information specific to your crop of products and define the program for best yield with reduced expense, while ensuring respect for life at all touch points.

Paula Hannagan, founder of Bounce Foods, shares her experience with the results of our Conversion Market Research in this newsletter. It’s been so exciting to see the results integrated as they continue to grow globally!

We are here to help make your 2018 company’s harvest your best year ever and appreciate all you do to make life better.



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