Being the Brand that Matters


For over 25 years, our team here at Christie & Co has focused our skills and energy on helping to build the growth of ethical companies – truly Brands that Matter. At the beginning, there were times we were told that was ridiculous as there could never be enough “ethical” companies to sustain a business and that our business goals – to Make Peace Profitable and change the world through maximizing the success of ethical leaders and businesses – just couldn’t possibly be viable. One man thought he could hire us to be the ‘moral compass’ for his brand. Now who was being ridiculous. Another thought that you could make an organic product, but burn all the vendors who supported the growth. Now that is truly unviable. Nevertheless, we persisted. And persisted. And persisted. Inspired by so many fearless change-makers harnessing the power of business to build a better world through innovative products and offerings.

Well in the past 25 years, positive changes have been made and companies have continued incorporating socially and environmentally-conscious elements into their business models at increasing rates. Concepts like Fair Trade, B Corp, LEED Certified, Sustainability have become commonplace. Car companies are developing less fuel thirsty transportation. Technology has accelerated communications.  Healthcare is now respecting plant science and integrative medicine is found in hospitals. Architecture and construction consider the occupants’ wellness in the design and product specifications. Farmers are growing more organics and non-GMO crops and respecting the earth.

I am proud of Christie & Co – our team of loyal, dedicated, and talented individuals who help ethical companies take their Dream to Mainstream. We have never thought there was anything we wouldn’t do to make these valuable dreams come to fruition. Yes, some of our team members have dressed up as light bulbs (no joke!) to introduce a new way to light our lives with healthier lighting. Others have held press conferences at Carnegie Hall in NYC to highlight the awards won by our client, Rooibos Ltd, an early fair-trade company in South Africa. Other Christie & Co team members climbed Mt. Rainier to support a client’s fundraising campaign. Together, we have pioneered a new investment model to bring together high impact, high growth entrepreneurs and leading investors through adventure going beyond the comfort zone to deepen relationships and build resilient growth – known as the adVenturesAcademy. Others have led SoulCycle classes with influencers to highlight our clients’ brands in experiential, deeply meaningful ways. We have launched investment summits in Ecuador with our partners there to put faces to the leaders pioneering sustainable, ethical business throughout South America to change the way these wonderful companies found the support they needed to grow. The stories go on and on. And for that, we are forever grateful.

Christie & Co is a Brand that Matters. Alongside each of you, together we ARE changing the game and helping the Good Guys win. Join us. Let us help you be recognized as a Brand that Matters. Your success will continue to inspire others.

Here’s to making 2018 best ever!



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