The Power of the (Right) Word


The difference between the almost right word & the right word is really a large matter–it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.
Mark Twain

What is branding? Is it the images, logos, packaging, digital marketing, social media, influencer campaigns, advertising, content development? These are essential elements and can be catchy, aesthetic, meaningful, disrupting, innovative, clever. But are these elements fulfilling the purpose of branding? Are they merely noise and conversation, and not causing reach?

A brand is the bridge to trust … a marriage between the originator and their potential audience, community, gang, clan. What makes a perfect marriage is the depth of knowledge the originator (i.e. company founder, management, owner, has of their audience), integrated with a clear definition of their purpose, offerings and benefits.  It requires a willingness to invest in respectful one-on-one personalized research that truly listens and analyzes the interaction with your target audiences, not only noting what was shared but also identifying what was omitted.

When I see a wonderful company not yet reach their growth potential, though they are engaging in multiple forms of social media, experiential marketing, communications and branding activities, I know it is time to understand the exact buying motivators of the target audiences to harmonize the brand identity in a way that is understood AND demanded. It is time to conduct a Conversion Market Research™/Strategy program that identifies the exact word that resonates from founder to audience. The lightning! Years ago, we were asked to conduct our proprietary research process for a brand known as Soy Delicious – beloved in the natural industry but failing in mainstream channels. We conducted the research and strategy, analyzed the objections to soy and developed the brand message and identity that harmonized audiences both in natural channel and grocery (and beyond). We changed the name to So Delicious and the rest is a great history of success.

Recently we helped a brand evolve by changing a single word to inspire interaction: From Infused Flavor… to Infusing Flavor and tagged… Infusing Happiness. The word change aligned the founder’s goal to her community. A perfect harmony.

Finding the right word is an art form, rooted in experience, research and technique. When it happens, it feels like the sensation of catching the perfect wave….total exhilaration as you see the desire of the consumer meet the passion and purpose of the founder to build lasting success.



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