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14 Jun

How to Identify Human Passion and Use It for Outstanding PR with Gillian Christie


It isn’t hard to see that humans make decisions out of their emotions.

The job for PR professionals, then, is to “find the feeling” within the DNA of both the company they are working with and the audience that company is trying to reach.



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26 Feb

Heavenly Organics™ Selects Christie & Co as its Agency of Record to Promote Its 100% Organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade and Kosher Certified Chocolate Honey Patties™, Raw Honey and Whole-Cane Sugar!


2015 reports show consumer demand continues to rise for “real food”. People are shopping for food, and sweeteners in particular, that offer real health benefits.1 Fulfilling that demand, Heavenly Organics™ ( offers a range of sweet and satisfying organic Chocolate Honey Patties,



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28 Mar

adVenturesAcademy Proudly Announces Its Colorado Backcountry Investment Camp: The Chosen Companies


Christie & Co in partnership with Endeavor Consulting, Sustainable Law Group, and JPG Resources brings a highly-specialized program to the Colorado Backcountry that unites values-aligned investors and entrepreneurs for Resilient Growth™.

Per Forbes Magazine, 90% of startups fail,



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13 Nov

The Gentle Barn was named 2015’s Non-Profit of the Year by VegNews Magazine


Ellie Laks, founder of The Gentle Barn, doesn’t just believe the journey to a peaceful world involves rubbing pig’s bellies, hugging chickens, and cuddling turkeys—she lives it. Since 1999, she and co-founder/husband Jay Weiner have rescued, rehabilitated, and provided life-long sanctuary to more than 170 animals on their Santa Clarita,



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12 Nov

The Gentle Barn Co-Founder, Jay Weiner is a speaker at this weekend’s Portland VegFest


Jay L. Weiner serves as Co-Founder for The Gentle Barn, managing all aspects of the rapidly growing nonprofit that has rescued and rehabilitated thousands of animals across the United States. Jay is on the frontline of all animal rescues The Gentle Barn performs.



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