Rooibos Ltd.

Rooibos Ltd.

Preferred Supplier of ‘Nature’s Nectar’


Who is Roobios LTD?

Rooibos LTD are international growers of rooibos red tea. From humble origins in the rugged Cederberg region of South Africa, the rooibos industry has charted phenomenal growth. As a market leader with a 70% global market share in rooibos tea supply, Rooibos LTD has been the preferred supplier of rooibos and related products since 1954. In addition to their healthy, high quality and internationally distributed rooibos product range, Rooibos LTD offers services that include product development, compliance, and certifications for its clients.

The Challenge

  • Introduce brand awareness of rooibos red tea to the US market.
  • Position red tea’s image, taste and health benefits in the tea industry, the media and in the mind of the consumer.
  • Introduce rooibos red tea to the US market and increase tonnage of tea sales to manufacturers.

The Christie & Co Solution

  • Designed and implemented a national PR campaign to educate tea manufacturers, members of the tea trade, and consumers about the many benefits of rooibos red tea.
  • Built consumer interest and demand that sparked interest in using rooibos in their blends.
  • Established contacts with tea companies to introduce rooibos into their blends.

Extraordinary Results

Within the first 24 months of Christie Communications national PR campaign, rooibos became an ingredient in 50 different tea manufacturer’s blends, and became a leading tea of choice in the US market.


Tonnage of rooibos sent to the US increased.


Rooibos tea blends received taste awards from the American Tasting Institute.


Rooibos red tea received extensive media coverage in health and culinary media. Rooibos tea was named the ‘new wave’ in teas and was recognized for its quality and health & taste benefits.

Rooibos Ltd. Testimonial

“Throughout our involvement with CHRISTIE COMMUNICATIONS we found them to display a high degree of professionalism and dedication to the task at hand. They had a clear understanding of our requirements and objectives and an effective strategy to achieve same. Their existing network and knowledge of the US market and the target groups identified, enabled us to successfully create awareness for Rooibos. This initial PR campaign provided us with a strong foundation for further growth of Rooibos in the US.”

—Arend Redelinghuys, Rooibos, LTD


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