Bio S.I. Technology

Bio S.I. Technology

Microbial solutions for farm & home


Who is Bio S.I.?

Bio S.I. Technology, LLC has decades of experience producing environmentally friendly solutions for farm, home and garden. Bio S.I. creates microbial products to improve the health of soil, water, crops, and livestock – naturally and safely. Their full range of microbial inoculants includes Bio S.I. Lawn & Garden Formula, Septic Cleanser Formula, Remediation Formula and Jackpot I & II – a new, all-natural probiotic products formulated to bring beneficial soil borne microbes inside the digestive tracts of livestock and equine. Benefits include more efficient water usage, healthy soil, vigorous root systems, high quality crops, healthier livestock digestive systems, and increased profits for farmers and ranchers.

The Challenge

  • Create understanding of and demand for unique product and it’s variety of applications in agriculture, livestock & equine, septic, turf maintenance, home gardens and beyond.
  • Design regional marketing launch strategy tailored to individual regions.
  • Address fragmented agricultural market with significant resistance to sustainability.
  • Solve growth challenges and support expansion.

The Christie & Co Solution

  • Conducted National Conversion Market Research Study.
  • Identified buying motivators for Bio S.I.’s unique products.
  • Developed comprehensive Branding and Communications Strategy.
  • Comprehensive re-brand and management: Including packaging, brand, sell sheets, advertising, trade show booth, brand collateral.
  • National communications campaign: PR, events, advertising and more (trade and consumer).
  • Events and trade show support.
  • Supported increased distribution with trade and consumer PR.
  • Development of Bio-Sustainability Institute.
  • Business development support.

Extraordinary Results

Successful re-launch and significantly increased recognition in trade and consumer channels.


Significant national and international expansion.


Exceptional coverage of Bio SI’s proprietary formulations and new product lines.


Ideation and planning for launch of Bio-Sustainability Institute.


Developed a compelling, accessible and authentic brand for this line of unique products.

Bio S.I. Technology Testimonial

“Christie & Co has been working with us for over 3 years developing our new branding, strategy, website, messaging, business development, and PR activities, but there is something more. Gillian, Alissa and their entire team share our purpose and passion to improve life, from the soil to the animals, with our unique and effective microbial solutions, opening opportunities for us nationally and internationally. Christie & Co cares about us and our success and truly are helping us take our dream to mainstream!”

—Wayne Tucker, CEO of Bio S.I. Technology


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